Obama and His Base: An Abusive Relationship (part I)

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Livin' in the USA, Politics


Let’s say you have a friend who left a lying, abusive, preening sociopath who preyed on your friend’s fears and insecurities. A parasite who spent like a drunken mariner on your friend’s credit card. A man so low that not only was he indifferent to pain and suffering, he enjoyed inflicting it.

Let’s say that while your friend was preparing to leave this loser she met a new guy, a prince charming who appeared to be everything her old boyfriend wasn’t: kind, caring, sincere, trustworthy. He was telling her exactly what she wanted to hear, promising her things she’d wanted her entire life. So, of course, she hooked up with mister good guy the day her ex slunk out of town.

But then things began to go wrong. Prince charming ditched his nice friends and started palling around with the same kind of guys her loser ex hung with. His other new friends weren’t much more savory: two of his closest had gone along with her ex’s worst scam, even though they’d seen through his self-justifying b.s. They’d gone along with it purely out of self-interest. And neither mister wonderful nor any of his buds would even discuss that scam, let alone do anything about it (or any of the others).

As for mister too-good-to-be-true’s promises, they were exactly that, promises. When he moved in, he just sat on his ass. Didn’t even try to deliver. When he finally made good on one promise, over a year after he moved in, the new Ferrari he’d promised turned out to be a 1984 Plymouth Horizon in need of new brakes and a valve job.

He didn’t even try to come through on any of his other promises, even on things he could have delivered by doing little more than snapping his fingers. It was almost as if he was pushing your friend deliberately, seeing just how far he could go, how much he could disappoint and humiliate her. He didn’t have to say anything. His message was clear: “What are you gonna do about it? Go back to your ex? Go out on the street? You’ll take what I give you, and you’ll like it!”

What would you tell a friend in this situation? “Get over yourself! Stop whining! He can’t help it. He’s not as bad as your ex.  Stick with him.”?

And if you wouldn’t say that to a friend who’s been abused and betrayed, what would you think of “friends” who would?

(We’ll put up Part II of this post tomorrow, Monday August 12, at approximately 1:00 pm PDT. We’ll post Part III on Tuesday August 13 at approximately 1:00 pm PDT.)

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