Quote of the Day 3-10-14 (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Christianity, Philosophy, Quotations, Religion, Science
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“A religion like Christianity, which is not in touch with reality on any point, which immediately falls down as soon as reality gets its right even in a single point, must, of course, be mortally hostile to the “wisdom of the world,” i.e., to science–it will approve of all expedients by which discipline of intellect, the noble coolness and freedom of intellect, can be poisoned, calumniated, and defamed. “Belief,” as an imperative, is the veto against science–in practice, the lie at any price…”

–Friedrich Nietzsche, The Anti-Christ


  1. peddiebill says:

    My understanding of Friedrich Nietzsche is that he was not a happy chappie. If we were to follow his philosophy would we also finish up deeply unhappy?


    • One might just as well posit that a drunk man is usually happier than a sober one, so it’s a good idea to stay drunk all the time. The point is that Nietzsche’s happiness or lack of it has nothing to do with whether his statement is true or not.


  2. James Luchte says:

    And, this is not even the best quote from this marvelous work!


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