Definition of the Day 6/15/14 — Tattoo

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Humor
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TATTOO, n. 1) A common nonverbal means of shouting “Look at me! Look at me!” without doing anything worthy of notice; 2) A means of making police i.d. procedures more effective at one’s own expense.

* * *

–from the revised and expanded edition of The American Heretic’s Dictionary, the best modern successor to Ambrose Bierce’s Devil’s Dictionary

  1. penelopevon says:

    If your thought process is “correct” would the definition of clothing, hairstyles, and makeup all be the same as tattoo?? (At least definition number 1) I tend to think of tattoos as self expressions … In much the same way as clothing, hairstyles or makeup are personal expressions of individuality! A little judgemental aren’t you?? 🙂


    • Of course. That’s half the fun. One difference between tattoos and the other things you mention are that tattoos are permanent, expensive, painful, and almost always look awful–just look at the dull colors which fade over time, and so look even worse than when tattoos are new.


      • penelopevon says:

        I’m sorry that you have had to experience or see bad tattooing. No excuse for a bad tattoo. Nothing is permanent and there are (albeit expensive) methods of tattoo removal. I myself have beautiful tattoos and they will stay beautiful because I take care of them and myself. I’ll look as fabulous at 88 as I do at 38. 😉


      • Thanks for the polite reply. And yes, I do see a lot of bad looking tattoos around here. The almost uniformly dull colors are probably the worst thing about them.


      • penelopevon says:

        Tattoos are not for everyone.. I totally get that!!! My only point is that not all tattoos are placed for “instant” attention and “look at me” shock value!! All but one of mine are covered at work and no one knows I have 6! ;)) just sayin.. We aren’t all shallow!! 😉


      • Yes, I understand your points. I just see so very few decent tattoos–one in a hundred would be a generous estimate–and so many cliched, awful, prominent ones that I tend to put all of them, and their wearers, in the same basket. You are right that that’s not fair.


      • penelopevon says:

        You are entitled to your opinion and I totally respect that!! ;)) I’ve been blessed to know wonderfully talented tattoo artists who do beautiful work. I’m sorry you don’t like tattoos or find beauty in them.. And have been exposed to bad tattoos. Just wanted to give you some food for thought that’s all..


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