Quote of the Day 6/14/14 (James P. Hogan)

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Atheism, Philosophy, Quotations, Religion, Science Fiction
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Code of the Lifemaker cover“What more dismal a prospect could be imagined than that all the universe’s knowledge could be contained in one ancient book? Nothing new to discover? Nothing more to be learned? Never again the excitement of exploring the unknown? How pathetic is the future that some would wish upon themselves!”

–James P. Hogan,  Code of the Lifemaker (“”Groork” speaking)

  1. There never existed a claim that “all the universe’s knowledge could be contained in one ancient book.”

    Consequently, this is yet another atheist argument based on a false premise.

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    • What Hogan is obviously referring to is that religionists routinely assert that their holy book (but not the holy books of other religions) contains the absolute truth.


      • See,

        A math book contains the absolute truth also. But the authors of the text and the teachers and students who use never claim that the math text is the sum of all knowledge.


      • You’re missing the point. It’s that religious believers claim inerrancy in their holy books, while presenting no (or pitiful) evidence to back up that assertion. With math books it’s easy to check their accuracy.


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