Israel Uber Alles

Posted: July 29, 2014 in Journalism, Livin' in the USA, Politics
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by Chaz Bufe, publisher See Sharp Press

(Note: The final Palestinian civilian death toll resulting from the 2014 Israeli bombardment of and incursion into Gaza, was 1,660, including 527 children, resulting a grisly end result of 527 Palestinian children murdered by the Israeli armed forces to one Israeli child murdered by Hamas.)

I’ve had it. I’ve had it with being silent in the face of murder.  I’ve had it with my tax dollars paying for murder.

I’ve had it with American politicians kissing the butt of the brutal Israeli extreme right, thanks to AIPAC, which will bury in negative ads any politico who stands up for basic human decency. I’ve had it with the intimidated/complicit corporate media (hello Phil Griffin and MSNBC), and I’ve had it with politicians whose first loyalty is to Greater Israel rather than the United States (hello Chuck Schumer).

You’ll find more diversity of opinion in Israel than in the United States. Only here will you find apologists for mass murder arguing, somehow, that the two-hundred-plus Palestinian children killed by the Israeli “self-defense” forces were complicit in their own murders. Only here will you find headlines trumpeting the deaths of single Israeli soldiers, while the scant details of the deaths of dozens of Palestinian civilians are buried in later paragraphs.

One has to go back to the immediate aftermath of 9/11 to find such nauseating apologetics for the killing of innocents–and, no, not “hello” Ward Churchill, but rather “go to hell”–you who called the 9/11 victims “little Eichmanns.”

That effectively dehumanized the 9/11 victims, just as the corporate media dehumanizes the hundreds of children who have been murdered in recent days in the world’s largest open-air concentration camp.

This time, the number of Palestinian deaths (mostly civilians) is “only” about 30 to 1. Last time, it was a hundred to one. The only comparable death toll that comes to mind is Lidice.

I hold no brief for Hamas. I hold no brief for Fatah. I despise them. Just as I despise the brutal, expansionist Israeli extreme right.

In the end–despite all the sickening blather about “self-defense” as bombs hit schools, homes, and hospitals–it’s pretty damn simple: STOP MURDERING CHILDREN.


  1. Exactly! It’s also the only ‘war’ I see covered where the media counts how many rockets were fired. That’s probably because the death toll is so disproportionate.


  2. Gregg Chmara says:

    Israel and Palestine are both examples of unforeseen consequences of what happens when one conflates religion, politics and national boundries in an overcrowded and undereducated world. It is unfortunate that Israel’s Zionists of the original terrorist stripe have gained supremacy in that nation’s thought and direction. But, some of it is indeed in retain to the violent militant tactics used by the Arab states surrounding the colonial imposed new nation.

    Add to this a population generally raised under oppressive regimes who will do anything including terrorism to protect their God Given right to the land awarded to them by the former occupying colonial force and you have a formula for the continuing disaster we see today.

    While this realization solves nothing, one might hope it would inform future generations on how NOT to plop a new nation into a territory surrounded by a population antithetical to the new population’s religion-political beliefs.


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