Yet another tale from the ‘hood

Posted: August 12, 2014 in Livin' in the USA
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cover of "Postal," by the Pinche Blues Band

The cover from our EP “Postal.” And, yes, the proper pronunciation is on the second syllable.

The background is from a formerly white trailer one of the neighbors parks on the street.


Two of the neighbors showed up on my front porch around 1:00 a.m. with a bottle of Bacardi as I was peacefully playing my guitar.

I had fun BSing around with them until 2:30 or 3:00, at which point Crazy Dave, one of the local bikers/tweakers–a real tragedy, as he’s basically a nice, really smart guy–showed up, drunk/drugged on his ass, took two huge hits of rum, then crawled in under Kirk’s truck (an F-150, so it has clearance) to sleep, and then started puking, at which point we called it a night.

Life in the ‘hood…..

And hey, houses typically go for $30K to $60K in this wonderful neighborhood ….. sometimes as low as $25K ….. Come on down …..

A couple of years ago, while the cops had the street totally blocked off busting one of the guys half a block down for pipe bombs, I was talking to Kayla, my neighbor’s girlfriend, as we were geeking and gawking at the cops, and made some inane comment to the effect that this neighborhood ain’t as bad as it looks. She gave me one of the most withering looks I’ve ever received, turned and glanced toward the cops, turned back, paused, and said,  “Awesome fucking neighborhood.”

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