Teen Arrested on Blasphemy Charges — in Pennsylvania, not Iran!

Posted: September 12, 2014 in Christianity, Livin' in the USA, Religion

Well, it looks some asshole (presumably) Christian prosecutor in Everett, Pennsylvania (in the part of Pennsylvania that could just as well be Alabama) is wasting taxpayer money persecuting some poor kid for a prank photo, for “Desecration of a Venerated Object”–in other words, blasphemy. The kid did no physical damage to “the venerated object”–a kitschy statue of a kneeling J.C.–but the asshole prosecutor (hmmm…that is a bit redundant) is bringing charges anyway. The asshole will undoubtedly waste still more taxpayer money in the appeals process, as any conviction is sure to be overturned on First Amendment grounds.

Anyway, here’s an article–with more details and the NSFW prank photo. Enjoy!


  1. […] those of you wondering whatever happened to the 14-year-old kid charged with blasphemy in Everett, Pennsylvania for posting a photoon Facebook showing him simulating oral sex with a […]


  2. […] Teen Arrested on Blasphemy Charges — in Pennsylvania, not Iran […]


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