If, like me, you use a lot of freeware and shareware, you’ve almost certainly had bad experiences with previously trusted download sites, which recently have begun downloading malware along with the programs you want. Probably the worst sites are download.com, sourceforge.net, and tucows.com. They now download malware with pretty much every download. Why? They sold out. They went for the money. They decided to screw the people who trusted them.

Fortunately, there are still a few sites that offer freeware and shareware without the malware. You can find more on this topic and the URLs of the trustworthy sites here.

Next up, we previously recommended Louis CK Learns About the Catholic Church. If you want something equally funny, but far more brutal (and NSFW), check out Louis Ck’s Last Chance

Also, if you have Netflix, check out the indie film (gross first run about $50K, and a gross but funny film), Bad Milo, about murderous ass demons.

Then also check out Bobcat Golthwait’s incredible God Bless America. Two or three decades ago, I thought Bobcat was a gimmicky panderer.  I was wrong. This is probably the film I’ve most enjoyed since Downfall. Check it out. It’s simply wonderful–very funny, very pointed. Arguably, Joel Murray should have gotten “best actor”  for his role, Tara Lynn Barr should have gotten “best supporting actress,” and Bobcat should have gotten “best screenplay.” Bobcat’s 2012 standup special on Netflix is also very funny, and is what spurred me to give God Bless America a look in the first place.


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