ISIS, Illegal Wars, and Obama

Posted: September 24, 2014 in Civil Liberties, Livin' in the USA, Politics
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Yes, I understand the left’s outrage over Obama’s illegal war. He’s more authoritarian than Bush. He’s criminalized whistle-blowing. He’s made the USA into a mass-surveillance state that puts Hoenecker’s DDR (East Germany) to shame.  Obama is turning–rather is continuing to turn–the U.S. into a totalitarian nation. Sieg heil y’all.

And, yes, I understand that bombing ISIS will solve nothing–that ISIS recruits will continue to pop up like venereal warts.

But I’m much less outraged about this latest violation of the Constitution than I am about mass surveillance and the persecution of whistle-blowers and journalists.

Why? Because I value civil liberties. And because every single ISIS member the U.S. military kills makes the world a better place.

Yes, Obama’s authoritarianism is our deadly enemy. But so is ISIS, with its even more brutal authoritarianism.

Let’s resist both.

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