“Privileged” PC Whites

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Politics
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Yeah. Prii9ilege. That’s what I keep hearing from PC types. If it’s “privilege,” it’sIn the same sense as someone who’s in prison being pissed on by his guards is “privileged” in comparison to another prisoner who’s being shit on by his guards. That’s “privilege.”

I’d bet money that none of the PC assholes on Alternet,The Guardian, etc. who use that term  have ever done a day of manual labor in their entire lives. I’d bet money that they’ve never been down against it — never been  out on the streets without the bucks to pay for a room, having to get a job–any job–just to pay the rent . . . not being able to pay for basic medical care  . . . Yeah. They call all of us who are white  in those circumstances “privileged.”

Let ’em do some concrete or hot-roof work for months on end and then call themselves “privileged.”

How dare they pass judgment on us? How dare they frame the terms of debate so that it assumes their “privilege” is the same as those of us who have been shat on our entire lives?? How dare they put it in racial terms? How dare they pretend that  economic issues are racial issues?

The ultra-PC writers who condescend to and attack the white working class should just go screw themselves

They’re worse than useless.

If we’re ever going to get anywhere, get out of this artificial hellhole called the U.S. economy, we need to talk about economic justice, not race guilt-tripping.

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