Posted: January 6, 2015 in Livin' in the USA
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I’m sitting here crying. I  just got a phone call from my brother informing me that one of my longest (nearly half a century) friends from Phoenix died over the weekend. Reading between the lines, I’m pretty sure that he broke up with his longtime girlfriend, with whom he was madly in love, and turned back to his old “friend” heroin. And since he hadn’t done it in decades, and didn’t know the quality, and apparently didn’t care, he OD’d.

I’m sick of it. I’ve had three close friends who killed themselves with hard drugs over the last 20 years. All good people. Kerry, who just OD’d, Randy (at age 45), who did it ten years ago (meth/cocaine), and my good neighbor Jesus, who did it 17 years ago (at age 37–his heart stopped from too much cocaine).

It’s long past time to stop drug prohibition. All three of my friends would, quite probably, still be alive if drugs were regulated for quality and purity. At the absolute minimum, they would have known what they were taking, and could have backed off.

Given this shitty, sadistic society, people are gonna do what they feel like they have to do to deal with it. And that includes heroin, meth, and cocaine.

I’m sitting here crying. Please  stop it. Please just stop it. Stop drug prohibition before it takes any more of my friends and neighbors.

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