One Nation Under God

Posted: January 25, 2015 in Humor, Livin' in the USA, Religion
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One Nation Under God Graphic from The Realist

This illustration originally appeared in 1964 in Paul Krassner‘s The Realist.

  1. Mike Jones says:

    Hi.. I have an original One Nation Under God poster from 1964.. also have a Fuck Communism poster and an original Realist containing the “Parts Left out of the Kennedy Book” article.. All are signed by Paul Krassner. any idea what they’re worth or how I might present them for sale to the appropriate audience? Thanks


    • Thanks for the comment. I have no idea how much those items are worth. One thing you might try is running searches on the ‘net, and you’ve probably already done that.

      Other than that, you might try contacting Krassner directly. He’s still around and is living somewhere in the Mojave Desert; he should be easy enough to find via a search.

      I interviewed him back in the ’70s and liked him; he was friendly and very funny, so he might be willing to help.


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