Pinche Blues Band R.I.P.

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

We (yours truly on guitar, bassist, drummer and keys/sax player) have parted ways with our vocalist, Abe Acuna. We had, as they say, “irreocncilable differences.”  Abe is an  amazingly talented singer and drummer. I’m really sorry that it came to this. But it did. I’ll be posting some of our original songs here over the coming week or two.  First up, one of mine: Postal — Fred and I are both former postal workers. The site will come down in a week or so; after that, the songs will be available at the See Sharp Press site.

And, yes, we’re currently (mutually) auditioning vocalists — mostly guys and gals I’ve previously played with; we run things democratically, so we’re looking for nice people who work well with others, are brilliant musicians, and who aren’t drug addicts, alcoholics, or egomaniacs. If you’re pro quality, don’t have an attitude, write songs (not a requirement), live in Tucson, and might be interested, drop me a line. Here’s the first one of our songs:


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