Beginner Gardeners: Walking You Through What You Need To Know

Posted: March 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

The info in this excellent piece is pretty much right on. The one place where it errors is that it is possible to grow tomatoes in the summer in extremely hot climates if you plant desert-adapted varieties.

Crazy Green Thumbs

The Specter Of Drought

Spring is on the way! It’s already almost a month past our normal last freeze down here in Texas but thanks to this year’s unusually cold weather we’re only about two weeks into the season. This year I thought I’d get back to basics and start publishing pieces of my gardening advice from my page: Gardening Basics. For the novice gardener: read on and stay tuned! This is pretty much everything you need to know to grow a successful garden.

2010-10-09 18.56.26


So, take a walk with me through what every gardener can use in their tool belt: a great source for general gardening information! Good luck this season and go get your hands dirty!!!

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Gardening Basics:

Have you ever wondered what sets seasoned gardeners (the ones that have the photo perfect gardens and never seem to lose a plant) and new gardeners (people who seem to kill everything they touch) apart?…

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