God Hates You: Catholic School Sex Ed

Posted: April 17, 2015 in Catholicism, Religion, Sex

This is a great post on child religious indoctrination and the horrors of growing up as an indoctrinated Catholic child — something I’m all too familiar with.

Drinkers with Writing Problems

In second grade, I was effectively brainwashed into being Catholic. By fifth grade, my being Catholic meant I was an abomination of a person. I will explain.

In second grade we received our First Communion, or First Eucharist (Communion refers to the process, while Eucharist refers to the item). Communion is one of the most important Catholic rituals when we receive the body and blood of Christ. And yes, I literally mean the body and blood of Christ Jesus. To the outside world, it looks like Catholics go through a long line to get a wafer and a sip of wine from the priest, but Catholics believe that through the miracle of Christ, the bread and wine literally transforms into the body and blood of Christ each time you receive the Eucharist.

In preparation for our First Communion, we took a class with our teacher and the priest. I vividly…

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