Quote of the Day 11-6-15

Posted: November 6, 2015 in Humor, Quotations, Science Fiction
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To the east, up in the highlands of the mainland, Ben Nevis and its range appeared entirely icey and deahtly. To the west, Mull presented first a striking castle, then a desolate mountain with snow in its striations, the land draped, on that morning, with a fine blue gauze. There were rocks out there, the hard Lewisian gneiss, that were over three thousand million years old, from a time when the only life on the planet was bacteria and algae.

“Does that inspire you?” I asked Bourgas.

“I see rocks and water, Nelson. And tourist attractions. Hikers queuing to disembark. We’re not Romantic poets.” He shifted on the bench and nodded back toward the interior of the boat. “I’ll tell you inspires me. On the next deck down, they have a shop and in that shop there is a sign which read, ‘We are committed to quality.’ I had to say to them: why are you merely committed to quality. Why not ‘fanatical about quality’? I took out my pen and made a new sign for them: ‘So obsessed about quality we sit in an armchair all night sharpening a knife in case it cheats on us.’ Not bad, but it needed something snappier. Why not simply, ‘Degrading ourselves for you’? A little white sign above every shop in every provincial shit hole that reads ‘Wasting our lives embodying a value rendered meaningless by its ubiquity For You.’ I’d buy. First in the queue.”

–Matthew De Abaitua, Red Men

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