Quote of the Day 11-23-15 (Ricky Gervais)

Posted: November 23, 2015 in Atheism


“Atheism is a belief system in the same way that ‘off’ is a TV channel, not going skiing is a hobby or baldness is a hairstyle.”

  1. The function of a TV is to broadcast the content TV channels.

    That means when the TV is turned off, it is not fulfilling its function.

    Similarly, the human being cannot fulfill his function, or nature in the atheist, or off position.

    Further, not going skiing has nothing whatsoever to do with hobbies. Not going skiing, is like the TV that is turned off. It is a deprivation of purpose.

    Lastly, baldness is indeed a hair style, the entire head (face, ears etc.), along with the hair comprise hair style.

    What Gervais demonstrates is that all atheist arguments are based on absurdity, falsehoods, half truths.


    • Brilliant. I’m so glad that you know the “function” of a human being. Very enlightening. Thanks also for enlightening us about about everything else — assertion is always very convincing. Religious believers must certainly think so, as it’s their primary tactic in argument.


      • See,

        It isn’t necessary for me to know the function of a human being.

        It is only necessary to understand that in the “off” position nothing can fulfill its function.

        My argument is not based on “assertion.”

        My argument is based on simply reasoning and the meaning of words.


      • What is there about “‘off’ is not a TV channel” that you don’t understand?


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