Spain — the Florida of Europe?

Posted: November 30, 2015 in Humor

Florida has long been the nation’s capital for sheer weirdness, sheer insanity. There’s even a compilation site,  Florida Man, focusing on weird news from Florida. Until I glanced at it today, my favorite recent headline on the site was “Florida man saves world from delivery of Bud Light,” which concerned an overturned beer truck. Today, well, check out the top three headlines for yourself:  “Florida man paints Donald Trump’s campaign slogan on elephant,” “Florida man tries to rob convenience store while dressed as Darth Vader,” and “Can’t believe a story with the words ‘Florida’ and ‘power-saw wielding’ in the headline actually has a happy ending.” (For fictional treatments of Floridian craziness, we highly recommend Carl Hiaasen‘s novels; our favorite, and probably the funniest, is Sick Puppy.)

Which brings us to Spain. Ignoring the obvious similarities between the two places–both are peninsulas, both are destinations for refugees from hideously cold lands to the north–Spain seems to have a spiritual affinity with Florida, or at least it seems to be generating a hell of a lot of weird news; there’s some truly crazy shit going on over there. Last week, while perusing my favorite weird news site,, I came across a link to a story on The Local (Spanish edition), which is a news site, not a weird news site.  Here are four current or recent Local headlines: “Cat saved with tiny oxygen mask by hero firemen” (and, though it’s not in the headline, cpr!), “Catholics furious after artist writes ‘[pederasty]’ in stolen communion wafers,” “Spanish feminists offend Catholics with giant plastic vagina protest” (concerning a parade with a vagina portrayed as a madonna, with the women accompanying it dressed in religious drag), and “Google Translate error sees Galicia celebrate ‘Clitoris Festival’” (instead of a rapini —  a broccoli-like vegetable — festival).

Four stories do not comprise a huge sample size, but they are a promising start.

* * *

If you’re a weird news fan, I’ve found some choice items and will put up another “Interesting and Marginally Useful Internet Crap” post shortly.

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