Cartoon of the Day 12-1-15 (#SueMeSaudi)

Posted: December 1, 2015 in Atheism, Islam
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U.S. “ally” Saudi Arabia is a barbaric Islamic theocracy that has executed over 150 people so far this year by beheading. That benighted, tyrannical land is also a major source of funding for ISIS.

It’s a capital offense to renounce Islam or to be an open atheist in Saudi Arabia, and at least one atheist, Ashraf Fayadh, is under a death sentence.

How have the UN and the US government reacted to the murderous Saudi regime? Over the summer the UN named Saudi Arabia to head its Human Rights Commission, and last month the Obama Administration approved sales of $1.29 billion worth of weapons to the Saudi regime.

All of this goes to show that US government’s rhetoric about human rights is absolute bullshit when oil is involved. It’s been this way seemingly forever, under both Democrats and Republicans.

If you’ve forgotten it, check out the photo below. In this case, a photo really is worth a thousand words.


  1. […] this is a first. The Saudi government is usually in the news for persecuting atheists, committing judicial mass murder, forbidding women to drive (among other worse affronts), and […]


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