Definition of the Day 12-29-15 — Rogue State

Posted: December 29, 2015 in Humor, Politics

ROGUE STATE, n. A dangerous, disreputable nation that: 1) develops weapons of mass destruction; 2) uses them against civilian targets; 3) interferes in the internal affairs of other nations; 4) invades other nations under false pretenses; 5) aids and abets other aggressors; 6) engages in torture; 7) trains and finances death squads and torturers; 8) is either an outright dictatorship or has an electoral process that makes a mockery of democracy; and 9) has a press subservient to the powers that be, so that the brainwashed masses are largely unaware of the preceding outrages. In other words, a dangerously destructive, out-of-control, berserker nation bearing no similarity whatsoever to the God-anointed land where freedom and justice reign.

* * *

–from the revised and expanded edition of The American Heretic’s Dictionary

American Heretic's Dictionary revised and expanded by Chaz Bufe, front cover


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