Update on Saudi (and Iranian) barbarism

Posted: January 2, 2016 in Islam, Religion
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The Saudi government announced its latest barbarities earlier today: it revealed that it’s executed 47 more people, this time for “terrorism,” which apparently sometimes means nonviolent political activism by the Shia minority.

When Iran (the largest Shia country) protested the execution of one of the 47, Shiite cleric Fares al-Shuwail, Saudi apologist Khalid al-Dakhil replied in predictable manner by hauling out the hoariest red herring in the bag of demagogic verbal tricks. He used the typical attempt at misdirection employed by every political slimeball–from neocons to Castro worshippers–attempting to defend evildoers. He pointed at the Iranians and said, “Iran executes far more people a year than Saudi Arabia, but it does not get the negative publicity Saudi Arabia has.” (Amnesty International reports that last year Iran executed 694 people in just over six months, in the period January 1 to July 15.)

As if commission of worse barbarities by the Iranian mullahs excuses the Saudi kingdom’s barbarities. This is more than a bit like attempting to excuse an armed robber by pointing at a murderer.

The next time you see such a political red herring, please recognize it for what it is: a slimy, deliberate attempt to excuse evil.

  1. kaptonok says:

    The red herring is a very common ruse I often use it to myself when I know my actions have been below par.
    I’m really quite a nice fellow I say to myself why just compare me to Joe Bloggs and I shine.
    We also get comfort in seeing fault-full humanity and saying to ourselves why should more be expected of me I’m only human.


  2. […] this is a first. The Saudi government is usually in the news for persecuting atheists, committing judicial mass murder, forbidding women to drive (among other worse affronts), and committing war crimes in Yemen, but […]


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