Criticising Islam: A Message to Religious Critics of the Muslim Faith

Posted: January 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

Inside My Brain

Last night, America witnessed the fourth Republican debate on CNN. I can’t help but sit back and enjoy these freak shows with a bag of popcorn, but something hit me as I watched the highlights of the debate on YouTube. Fundamentalist Christian and dominionist presidential candidate, Ted Cruz repeatedly said things like, “We must fight radical Islamic terrorism”. Cruz has repeatedly labeled it as this for months now, using words like Islamists, radical Islamists, and Islamic terrorism. Of course, these labels are 100% accurate. Cruz is–unfortunately–absolutely right to call these things for what they are. I find this extremely frightening, as Cruz himself is a theocrat and religious fundamentalist. For whatever reason, these right wingers get the connection between [Islamic] terrorism and the doctrine of Islam. It is incredibly frustrating to admit this. Why doesn’t the left see this connection?


I am by no means a fan…

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