Christianity, moral behavior, and good judgment

Posted: February 25, 2016 in Christianity, Religion

The latest example of Christianity’s influence on morals and judgment comes from the UK, where Reverend Howard Curtis, former pastor of the Coulsdon Christian Fellowship, has pleaded guilty to one count of simple assault and two counts of sexual assault on a female member of his congregation.

The Evening Standard reports:

The father of three [Curtis] ordered one woman, a student nurse, to strip naked before putting her over his knee to slap her. He continued the beating when she collapsed to the floor. One of the dozen sessions took place in front of her husband.

He introduced the woman to his version of “Christian domestic discipline”, following Bible teachings of keeping women in their place. Her “offences” included untidiness and “lacking femininity” . . . Mr Fitzgerald [the prosecutor] said: “She trusted him completely as a man of God.”

The most mind-boggling aspect of this tawdry affair, even beyond the victim’s submitting to such abuse a dozen times,  is that “one of the dozen sessions took place in front of her husband.”

What kind of woman would allow herself to be sexually abused a dozen times? What kind of man would stand by while his wife was physically and sexually abused in his presence and do nothing?

Ones under the influence of the world’s most deadly, addictive drug, religion.


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