Lookin’ Out My Front Door (photos)

Posted: March 16, 2016 in Livin' in the USA
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Here are a few photos taken either directly from my front door or a few steps from it. They’re pretty typical of the part of Tucson, the Keeling neighborhood, in which I live. It’s motto ought to be, “The Keeling Neighborhood — it’s not as bad as it looks.”


This is the view that greets me every morning when I walk out the door. My neighbors are fayuqueros, who find stuff on the street or buy it at yard sales and thrift stores, and then truck it down to Agua Prieta (Mexico) to sell at flea markets. They’re really nice people, and we’ve known each other for 20 years now, so I don’t mind the way this looks.

You can also see some of my vegetable starts. Every year, I grow 300 to 400 starts, use maybe 100 of them myself, and give the rest away.


This is from the front patio. Notice the car parked in the yard next door and the piles of trash next to the street on the opposite side. Both are typical of the neighborhood. And, since you asked, no, there’s no bulk trash pickup scheduled until August.

The landlord of the duplex pictured on the opposite side is a scumbag who’ll rent to anyone. A few years ago I came home and found the intersection blocked off by police tape and the area crawling with cops. It turns out the meth heads who at the time were infesting the duplex had gotten into a gun battle with some other assholes, and the cops estimated that 60 to 70 shots had been fired.

When I moved here in 1992, I heard shots every night. It’s gotten a lot quieter since then, and it’s rare to hear shots anymore.


Another view from the front patio. Again, notice the truck parked in the front yard. One of the charms of this place is that the neighbors occasionally party on weekends until 1:00 or 2:00 a.m., and blast norteños, banda, rancheras, and rock en español from the industrial strength stereos in their trucks. I don’t mind. Back in the ’90s, we used to have band practice late; it sometimes lasted until 11:00 pm or midnight, and no one ever complained. That’s one of the main benefits of living in this neighborhood — people tend not to give a shit about noise.


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