Hillary Clinton’s specious arguments against free higher education

Posted: March 28, 2016 in Livin' in the USA, Politics
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For months now, Hillary Clinton has been attacking Bernie Sanders’ proposal for free higher education on two grounds. One is that the country simply can’t afford it, and the second is that the country shouldn’t be funding free higher education for the rich.

Both of these arguments are, to put it mildly, deliberately misleading.

Let’s consider the “we can’t afford it” argument first.

Even ignoring that the U.S. is responsible for well over 40% of world military spending, and spends more than eight times as much as the next eight countries combined, Sanders has proposed a Wall Street tax, a transaction tax on sales of stocks and commodities that would fund his higher education proposal. It would have the added benefit of reducing speculation and high-volume day trading, thus increasing the stability of the market and reducing the prospects of another crash. Average people have a lot to gain from this proposal. The only losers would be speculators and day traders (many of whom fund Clinton).

Clinton’s second argument against free higher education is truly grotesque: that taxpayers shouldn’t be funding free education for the children of the rich. That sounds reasonable for about five seconds, until you realize that she could use exactly the same argument against Medicare, Social Security, and public schools — in fact, against any program that benefits all members of the public. Clinton — who has promised to be “flexible” on proposals to degrade (“reform”) Social Security benefits — is arguing here against all publicly funded programs to promote social wellbeing.

This transparently phony, deliberately misleading argument reveals as nothing else does Hillary Clinton’s contempt for the people who support her. She thinks they’re too stupid to see through this ridiculous argument and hold her accountable for her cynicism and dishonesty.

One can only hope she’s wrong.

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