Quote of the Day 3-29-16 (Ken Macleod)

Posted: March 29, 2016 in Humor, Music, Science Fiction
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“‘You might like to hear my preliminary report on a random sample of radio signals.’ . . . Yeng, with an impish smile, reached up for a switch and fiddled with a dial. The command-deck speakers filled with the most doleful music I’d ever heard. A sad, throaty voice was singing along, with lyrics I had to search my most distant memories to make sense of: the themes included unemployment, alcohol abuse, desertion, betrayal, sexual frustration, jealousy, religion . . .

“‘That’s terrible,’ said Tony, after a couple of minutes of open-mouthed listening. ‘It must be hell down there.’

“Suze laughed. ‘Not hell — capitalism.’

“‘Yes, yes, yes,’ I said, ‘But what sort of music is that?’

“‘Country,’ said Malley. ‘Or maybe western.’

“‘Give us something else,’ Boris pleaded. ‘Anything.’

“‘Sure thing,’ Yeng drawled. (The inflection was already getting to her.) She turned the dial through a couple of banshee howls, and settled on a wavelength just as a voice announced: ‘–and I’d like to welcome you all to the Black Wave, Ship City’s first and best blues and soul station, here to help you make it through the night . . .’

“To be fair, not all the music beamed out by the local radio stations was an incitement to suicide: some of it was definitely a provocation to murder.”

* * *

–Ken Macleod, from The Cassini Division

The Cassini Division, by Ken Macleod cover

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