Never Trust Anyone — Noam Chomsky Included

Posted: June 23, 2016 in Anarchism
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Chomsky & Chabez

Here you go. Noam Chomsky palling around with Venezuelan strong man Hugo Chavez. Chomsky. The “anarchist.” The supposed perpetual challenger to power.

Several years ago I sent Chomsky a book  which I translated (Venezuela: Revolution as Spectacle, by Rafael Uzcategui), challenging Chomsky on his betrayal of anarchist principles, through his endorsement of the Venezuelan regime.

Chomsky’s reply? Personal insult, telling me that he “knows where this kind of publishing” comes from, implying that it was from personal malice or envy. This conveniently sidesteps Chomsky’s betrayal of the Venezuelan anarchists and anarchist principles.

This is all too reminiscent of the betrayal of the Cuban anarchists in the ’60s and ’70s by Dave Dellinger and the other pro-Castro “anarchists.”

Here, as there, you have white academics figuring that “We wouldn’t want it here, but it’s fine for those brown folks down there.”

And, yes I am imputing racism (or at least condescension) to both Dellinger and Chomsky.

Deal with it. And deal with your betrayal of anarchist principals. Deal with your endorsement of authoritarian regimes.

Chomsky should be ashamed of himself.

Don’t trust him. Don’t trust anyone implicitly. Including me.

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