Roll over Rachmaninoff?

Posted: August 16, 2016 in Humor, Music

(Here’s one from our friend  Stuart Faxon. We attribute this to decades of beating sticks on percussive surfaces. Stuart will be resurfacing shortly–musically, not literally–with the resurrected Black Leather Zydeco band.)


Roll over Rachmaninoff
…tell Mussorgsky the news.
Hmm, that’s not right. Gotta get my picture out of this exhibition.
Roll over, Rimsky-Kutcherpeckeroff.
Tell Franz Liszt the news.
Nope, that’s not right either.
Roll over, Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach,
Tell Richard Wagner the news.
I don’t seem to be getting the hang of this.
Roll over, Karl Orestes Franzoni,
Tell Frank Zappa the news.
Man, this is going far afield.
Roll over, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
Tell Salieri the news.
No. Too predictable. Wait! Yes! Here it comes!
Roll over, Beethoven,
Tell Tchaikovsky the news!
Oy, that was exhausting. Now I’m too tired to dig these rhythm’n’blues. [POKE him with the SOFT CUSHIONS!] Oh, no you don’t. Yer too late to start another bit. [But Oi’ve brought the FISH!] Well, take yer fish and sod off, I’ve had enough of this buggerin’ about. [No you haven’t.]

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