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Posted: September 10, 2016 in Atheism, Book Reviews, Science, Skepticism
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snakeoilcoverChris Edwards, author of Spiritual Snake Oil: Fads and Fallacies in Popular Culture and (under the pseudonym S.C. Hitchcock) Disbelief 101: A Young Person’s Guide to Atheismhas two reviews in the new issue of Skeptic magazine.

In the new issue, Chris reviews The Invention of Science A New History of the Scientific Revolution, by David Wootton, and The Age of Genius: The Seventeenth Century and the Birth of the Modern Mind, by A.C. Grayling.

To introduce readers to Chris’s work, we’ve put up sample chapters in pdf form from both Spiritual Snake Oil and Disbelief 101 on the See Sharp Press web site.

Disbelief 101: A Young Person's Guide to AtheismOf late, Chris has been concentrating on works for professionals in the education field, but he’s now working on an as-yet-to-be-titled science fiction novel which we hope to publish in late 2017.


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