Trump’s America

Posted: October 29, 2016 in Livin' in the USA, Politics

It’s a place where a former schoolyard bully, who says that he hasn’t changed since first grade, brags about sexually assaulting women—and who then calls them “liars” and threatens to sue the dozen women who come forward to accuse him of doing exactly what he bragged about. It’s a place where a landlord’s son, who inherits at least tens of millions of dollars, brags about being a self-made genius businessman, but screws up so badly that six of his businesses go bankrupt, including a casino he runs into the ground during boom times. It’s a place where that rich businessman stiffs the contractors and subcontractors who work for him, and then says that maybe he doesn’t “like their work.” It’s a place where that rich businessman swindles tens of thousands of people through a phony “university” scam and then gives $50,000 to the campaign of one of the attorneys general investigating him, who immediately drops the investigation. It’s a place where a demagogue makes overtly racist remarks and then accuses those who call him on it of being “the real” racists. And it’s a place where an egomaniac, narcissistic, cheating, bullying, tax-dodging, semi-literate, misogynistic, sexually abusive, racist, mob-connected chronic liar brags about his moral rectitude.

It’s a place where most people have been so badly and blatantly screwed over by the banks, Wall Street, and the corporate lackeys in government (including his opponent) that nearly half will vote for this obvious hypocrite and bullshit artist.

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