See Sharp Press will publish new science fiction, anarchist, and atheist titles in 2017 and 2018. Here are the books we now have scheduled over the next two years. Work is underway on all of them, and we’ll publish samples from them in advance of publication.


  • Venezuelan Anarchism: The History of a Movement, by Rodolfo Montes de Oca (Fall 2017). The newest installment in our “History of a Movement” series, Venezuelan Anarchism traces the development of anarchism in Venezuela from its beginnings in the 19th century to today.


  • 30 Reasons to Abandon Christianity, by Chaz Bufe (Fall 2017). A much expanded version of 20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity, originally a pamphlet, and which is now available in updated e-book form. The original text of 20 Reasons is available here in part 1 and part 2.

Science Fiction

  • The as-yet-untitled sequel to Sleep State Interrupt, by T.C. Weber (Spring 2018). A sample from Sleep State is available here in pdf form.
  • The as-yet-untitled sequel to Free Radicals: A Novel of Utopia and Dystopia, by Zeke Teflon (Fall 2018). A sample from Free Radicals is available here in pdf form.

We’ll likely add at least one or two more titles to this list. Among other things, we’re currently talking with the authors of The Drummer’s Bible about a possible new drum book.

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