I’ve been totally buried in work recently–promoting existing books, writing a new one, translating a Spanish-language text into English, and the usual administrative, shipping/receiving, and bookkeeping b.s.–and haven’t been writing as much for the blog as I’d like.

Things aren’t lightening up, but I’ll be posting the following over the coming weeks:

  • A review of Ken Macleod’s fine new sci-fi novel, Dissidence, the first book in his Corporation Wars series
  • Additional sci-fi reviews (I have a stack of unread books sitting here)
  • A long post, probably split into two or three parts, on the plague of loneliness in the United States, the reasons for it, and what can be done about it
  • An excerpt from the book I’m currently translating, Venezuelan Anarchism: The History of a Movement, by Rodolfo Montes de Oca
  • A lengthy excerpt from Zeke Teflon’s sequel to his well reviewed sci-fi novel, Free Radicals
  • More e-book giveaways
  • My take on how to successfully combat Trump and the alt-right (and the corporate-lackey Democrats)
  • Photos from my favorite hikes in the Tucson Mountains
  • And anything I can badger the various See Sharp Press authors into writing

No promises on when, but all of this is on the way.


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