Gigs — invite your friends to sit in — why not?

Posted: January 14, 2017 in Music

One of the many things I’ve never figured out is why so many musicians, probably most, react in horror when you suggest that someone else sit in at a gig.

Seriously, it’s like you’re suggesting that they expose themselves to a contagious disease or radiation.

For example, just a typical blues or country gig at a bar. What are we talking about — a $50-or-$75-a-night gig?

Who gives a shit?

If you’re so shitty they’ll displace you, so what? You deserve it.

But let’s look at the positive things about inviting other people to sit in.

The first is that they’re simply there. Part of your probably sparse audience. The second is that they’ll bring along boyfriends/girlfriends and other friends. In a word, Audience.

And they’ll let other people know about it. Who will also be there.

And — gasp! — the player you’ll invite might add something wonderful musically, or maybe invite another musician who’ll add that.

Moral: Be kind, be generous. It´ll probably — no guarantees — pay off. The converse is even more true — be a constricted jerk and, guarantees here,  it won’t pay off.

Be nice. Be generous. Invite your (competent) friends to sit in. You won’t regret it.

  1. Sara Edelman says:

    Hear hear! Thank you for some beautiful, wise words. This town could use a lot more cordiality between those who have the gigs and those who could but don’t. A little encouragement and friendly cooperation could change the scene, the general environment, and lead to a much nicer local world. More fun, too!


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