President of the United States

Posted: January 19, 2017 in Humor, Livin' in the USA, Politics
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press secretaryPRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, n. 1) A pathological liar suffering delusions of grandeur; 2) An office which confers upon its holder vast coercive power as well as the means to commit mass murder—an opportunity of which all recent U.S. presidents have taken advantage. Because of this, some observers have concluded that only the worst type of individuals seek the office of president. This unkind assessment is, however, incorrect. It is more realistic to conclude that only the worst type of individuals are elected to the office; 3) A golden boy with a fixation upon trickle-down . . . . . . . economics.

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–from The American Heretic’s Dictionary (revised & expanded)


  1. RonB says:

    Yes,but democracy means power of the ignorant masses. People easily led by the media, racists, ideolgists, dreamers, minorities co-operating etc. They vote like they support a football team, I am a ********* or whatever. They ignore the truth such as that of Clinton and concentrate on vilifying the messenger. Indeed we have just seen more hatred in USA than I have ever seen or imagined, such is the legacy of Obama.


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