Tucson Women’s (anti-Trump) March 1-21-17

Posted: January 23, 2017 in Livin' in the USA, Politics
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Photo of Women's March in Tucson 1-21-17, by Nicole Hennig

(all photos in this post courtesy of Nicole Hennig)

The women’s rights/anti-Trump protest in Tucson on January 21 was probably the largest political event in the history of Tucson, despite nasty weather — rain, wind, and temperatures around 50 degrees F (10 C). (The previous largest event was an anti-SB 1070 — “papers please” law — march in 2010 that drew 10,000 people.)

Photo by Nicole Hennig of Women's Rights march in Tucson on 1-21-17My estimate of the number of participants was somewhere north of 10,000, which, strangely enough, was, as I learned later, also the estimate of the Tucson Police Department. (Either I’m losing my touch when it comes to estimating crowd size or the cops are becoming more honest.)  Other estimates put the total at 15,000 marchers, which given that people were coming and going throughout the multi-hour event could well be a more accurate estimate.

As always at such events, one of the best things about it was seeing the often inventive and sometimes hilarious signs carried by participants. Of course, there were a lot of “Pussy Grabs Back” signs along with those referencing Trump’s tiny hands (“Keep your tiny hands off my reproductive rights”). The signs, in addition to mocking Trump, advocated for the familiar good causes: reproductive rights, action on climate change, increasing the minimum wage, universal healthcare, ending racial discrimination, LGBT rights, etc., etc.

My favorite sign (unfortunately no photo available) was a small one reading, “Thou shalt not control the body of another.” I Fallopians 1:1.

Sign from Women's Rights march in Tucson 1-21-17, photo by Nicole Hennig

The other good thing about the march/rally was seeing old friends. It’s a reminder that we’re not alone and that there’s strength in numbers. Conversely, I found it encouraging that out of the thousands and thousands of people at the march I only saw two that I knew plus a couple of familiar faces that I couldn’t put names to. It was another reminder that we’re not only not alone, but that there are many, many other people on our side who are doing good work, but of whom we’re unaware.

That brings up the question, “Where do we go from here?” That’s a complicated enough question that it deserves a post devoted entirely to it. Expect one tomorrow.

Sign from Women's Rights March 1-21-17, photo by Nicole Hennig

  1. RonB says:

    “It’s a reminder that we’re not alone and that there’s strength in numbers”.
    Aren’t we reminded of that every day with ‘democracy’? The power of the ignorant masses. The low intellect who in a ‘ballot box’ society revert to violence, dispuption and pure hatred. Of the ‘fair sex’ becoming dicrriminatory and protesting en masse about a word said years ago or legislation yet to be passed whilst ignoring the attrocities against women all over the world. They use the passions, violence and explosion of artists, singers, actors who are, when elite magnificent, yet poor thinkers. The media exploit the intellectually weak, particularly the dreamers and emotional ones. So we have to put up with these ridiculous protestations. Social liberals gave them the vote as they could be manipulated, just as the voting age decreased to those not mature enough to understand that their beliefs are impregnated. The statue of liberty stands as a laughing effigy of the reality of social control and Obama has a legacy of turning USA into a country of hate. Is there any difference between the USA and ISIS now?

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