It’s official. Donald Trump is now, undeniably, in bed with radical Islamists: the Saudi government. That government is essentially ISIS with oil. (Not incidentally, rich Saudis, including members of the Saudi royal family, provided essential funding to ISIS during its initial years.)

Following his love fest with Turkish president and Islamo-fascist thug Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Donald Trump just approved one of the biggest arms deals in history with the Saudi Islamo-fascists. He just approved a $110 billion arms deal with the Saudi regime.

So, what will the arms be used for, what purposes? Exactly what kind of policies does our “ally”pursue?

Under Saudi Sharia law, Human Rights Watch reports that “adult women must obtain permission from a male guardian—usually a husband, father, brother, or son—to travel, marry, or exit prison.” Under the Saudi regime, women couldn’t even drive until very recently.

Of course, given the regime’s radical Islamist (Wahabi) orientation, there is no freedom of speech in Saudi Arabia; mere criticism of the theo-fascist regime can, and does, land people in prison for more than a decade.

Nor is there freedom of conscience in Saudi Arabia. Merely being an atheist is grounds for execution, though the more usual punishments are imprisonment and/or torture (flogging) that can result in permanent physical damage.

And, yes, Saudi Arabia judicially murders a large number of people; it has one of the highest execution rates in the world.

Saudi crimes extend beyond Saudi Arabia’s borders. In addition to helping to finance ISIS and providing 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers, the Saudis currently commit war crimes in Yemen, including bombing funerals, hospitals, and other civilian targets, and “double tap” bombing, in which the Saudis bomb the same target shortly after first hitting it, in order to kill and maim rescue workers.

These are the Islamist monsters Trump just armed to the teeth.

Actions speak louder than words, and despite Trump’s anti-Islamist rhetoric, his actions betray him. He’ll stir up hatred against powerless refugees, but he kisses the cheeks (both kinds) of oil-rich Islamists.

If you oppose radical Islam, you oppose it. And you support those who Islamists oppress. You don’t sell $110 billion in arms to one of the worst Islamist human rights violators on earth.

Donald Trump is an utter hypocrite.

(Of course, all recent U.S. presidents and their administrations have been equally hypocritical. Here’s a rogues gallery of some of the guilty.)

Barack Obama, who sold the Saudis $60 billion worth of arms.

 George W. Bush, who allowed approximately 50 members of the Bin Laden family to leave the U.S. immediately after 9/11, without allowing the FBI to question them.

Bill Clinton, whose foundation received more than $10 million of Saudi money.

  1. RonB says:

    Two differing subjects. Islam and dealing with a friernd and ally. I agree with everyting you say about Islam, but I believe Trump is doing a great job with his allies and bringing more jobs to America.


    • It’s not complicated: either you stand with the oppressed or you stand with the oppressors. Trump stands with the oppressors. His actions support the Islamists.

      Governments always have “realpolitik” reasons to betray their supposed principles, but that doesn’t alter the fact that they’re betraying those principles.


      • RonB says:

        That is pure irrational nonesense. We have to live in the real world and leave bias and hatred behind us, or join Islam and be like them!


      • What’s irrational about acting in accord with one’s professed beliefs? You wonder why America is so hated in the Muslim world? Start with betrayal of our supposed principles and the arming of murderous, repressive regimes.

        Trump’s (and Obama’s and Bush’s) support of Islamo-fascist regimes demonstrates that the standard American government propaganda line about America supporting freedom and “American values” is utter bullshit.

        If you don’t act in accord with your principles, you _don’t have_ principles.


      • RonB says:

        Princiles. I believe you are referring to morality, finding true self and determining personal truths and morality, rather than following the morality of the world your have been socialized to believe in. The islamic socialization is no different than any other type, you become a sheep, espousing the doctrines of others, and that is irrational. Islamic values follow the ideology of the q’ran, USA those of the scriptures chosen by a Roman emporer. Are you a sheep, like the vast majority, or are your beliefs a result of finding your true self? This morning I read of the latest hypocrisy, that of students from Notre Damme, chanting ‘love not hate to make America great’, yet the same future leaders of society are full of ‘hate’, for their president. Such seem to be common snowflake traits, but the young are vulnerable and easy to manipulate. The political ideologies of facism, socialism, communism, democracies, are all subordinate to the people in power and their beliefs. A benevolent dictator differs from a cruel dictator, but both are dictators. Fascism has a lot of merit and has been shown to be succesful with the right people in power. Communism ans socialism, on the contrary, has always failed due to their inherent regressive nature. Finaly, freedom, it exists because if you stand on the edge of a cliff you can choose to jump. Yet, if choosing not to jump you have little freedom outside of the boundaries set by society. There is little doubt that democracies have to tend socialist for numerical reasons, and that socialism hugely resricts freedom by regulation, ever increasing. The establishment keeps it so. Trump in USA, Brexit in UK, both represent rebellion by the people over the establishment. It could be the revolution that the western world needs, but the forces of the establishment, particularly using the media, may well prevail. That would be sad.

        If your principles are the principles of the herd, it may well be better to have no principles at all.


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