Political Prank of the Day 8-1-17

Posted: August 1, 2017 in Humor, Livin' in the USA, Politics
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This morning’s Guardian reports that a prankster calling himself @SINON_REBORN successfully impersonated recently fired Trump toady Reince Priebus in a series of e-mails with former White House communications director and low-budget Goodfellas understudy Anthony Scaramucci. The best excerpt from the @SINON_RENORN e-mails to Scaramucci is this:

“Personally, I’d get rid of dumb and dumber, the Trump sons. Seeing them pose with various bits of animal they’ve shot is the biggest overcompensation for underdeveloped testicles I’ve ever had the misfortune to see.

“If they fell into a barrel of tits, they’d still come out sucking each other’s thumb.”

And with that, we’ll say, “Adios Mooch! And Reince! Don’t let the door hit your asses on the way out!”

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