When will Trump’s ratings really plummet? And what do we do in the meantime?

Posted: August 27, 2017 in Livin' in the USA, Politics
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A year ago Donald Trump famously said that he could murder someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and his base wouldn’t care.

He was right.

More recently he’s repeatedly done the equivalent of strangling a dog and sodomizing the corpse on live TV, and most of his base still won’t care, will stick with him. Making excuses about why it was “necessary.”

What will it take to peel them off?

Maybe 10% of them still won’t admit that they screwed up royally, and that billionaire, criminal Trump is going to fuck them economically. They’ll probably fall away eventually as Trump’s utterly hypocritical economic promises turn to dust.

That leaves another 25% hard core theoNazis, vicious goose-stepping blockheads beyond the reach of rational discussion.

What do we do about them?

  • Defeat them at the ballot box
  • Ridicule them mercilessly
  • Defeat the corporate Democrats so that there’s something approaching a real alternative on the ballot
  • Continue to use the most effective political approach, nonviolent direct action
  • Be prepared to outgun Trump’s theofascists if they engage in outright treason and it comes down to violence

If that does happen, or threatens to happen, I’ll have some very specific recommendations about what type of arms to buy and what to stockpile.

Look for recommendations on what types of guns to buy with the next post.



  1. Ben Beck says:

    Maybe you won’t be surprised at this response from a Brit, but you lost me when you got to talking about recommendations on guns. I would like to think this was ironic or something, but it doesn’t read that way.

    I find the American obsession with guns every bit as irrational and dangerous as Trump himself. Really.


    • We’re surrounded by a sea of guns in America. Most of them are owned by authoritarian right wingers — for all intents and purposes Nazis — who would love nothing more than to herd us (leftists, black people, Mexicans, Jews) onto boxcars.

      It could happen, and it seems more likely every day. Trump’s slavering, racist hordes WANT to do it. There’s one antidote available for a few hundred bucks. I suggest we take it.


  2. Lynea Search says:

    GDDAMN THIS SITE!!! Lost TWO Replies JUST NOW!!! Asking about two Trumpian friends (where they fall in your analysis). Also tell us more about buying guns before your next post please..


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