Quote of the Day 5-24-18 (Steve Toutonghi on Cat Food)

Posted: May 24, 2018 in Quotations, Science Fiction
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Sidelife, by Steve Toutonghi, front cover“. . . he picked up Sophie’s [the cat’s] food dish and began to rinse it in the sink, his finger burrowing into the remainder of Sophie’s previous meal,  a dried brown gunk. . . . he was mildly repulsed by a mental image of the cultivation of small animals, caged hens swelling like fat bacteria in a large damp petri dish of a factory before being rousted by numbed workers who shackled their feet so they’d hang upside down as they were dragged through a paralyzing electric bath, their throats cut, blood drained, bodies plucked, shredded and ground, passed on a belt through an oven, pressed and canned, the cans stacked on a pallet and shipped from one country to another, one state to another, to a central warehouse and then all the way to a local grocery; and from there in his car to this house where he would peel open the sealed band of metal and scoop out a gelatinous paté, a cream of chicken bodies, mash and stir it . . . so that Sophie could nourish herself on a small portion of it and leave the rest to dry into this cadaverous glue he was now rinsing into the garbage disposal.”

–Steve Toutonghi in Sidelife

In keeping with our no-euphemisms, no-bullshit policy, the above is an accurate portrayal of the horrors involved in the production of chicken-based wet cat food. If you have cats and choose to feed them this gross, expensive crap, literally based in industrial-strength cruelty, you are complicit in this appalling abuse.

(If you’re wondering, I had a cat — Spot Bob, my best buddy — for 15 years, and still miss him. I mostly fed him dry food [which is bad enough], but occasionally would give him wet food, including cans of chicken. Like almost all cat owners, I chose to be unaware of the miserable lives and deaths of the poor birds my pal, Spot Bob, was eating. As an aside, his rather odd name came from two places, the first obvious to most sci-fi fans; the second from a girlfriend I had at the time who grew up in a double-wide in a junkyard — her dad managed the place — and who insisted that the proper middle name of all males was “Bob,” as in Jim Bob, Joe Bob, and hence Spot Bob. But I digress . . . . .)

If you feel that you absolutely have to give your kitty wet food, please give them fish-based wet food. It consists mostly of “trash” fish caught by fishing fleets, and doesn’t involve the horrendous animal suffering inherent to chicken-based cat food. If your cat won’t eat fish-based wet food, he or she won’t die from lack of the worst form of canned cruelty.

Please think about it

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