In the face of the almost daily morally loathsome actions of Donald Trump and his regime — most prominently, forcibly separating small children from their parents, locking them in cages, and using them as bargaining chips in Trump’s extortion of Congress for $25 billion in border-wall funding — Trump and his cult-like followers have been whining about the lack of “civility” by those decent enough to be outraged by Trump’s sheer viciousness.

To put this in perspective, The Onion recently ran a piece titled “Tips for Staying Civil while Debating Child Prisons.”

Given many of Trump’s other callous, mean-spirited statements and actions — e.g, support for torture, mass incarceration, stripping away clean air and clean water regulations, stripping healthcare coverage from millions — it’s easy enough to think of other possible pieces:

  • “How to Remain Civil with Torturers and their Enablers”
  • “How to Remain Civil with Those Poisoning Your Kids with Pollution”
  • “How to Remain Civil with Those Destroying Your Reproductive Freedom”
  • “How to Remain Civil with Racists who call Nazis “Fine People”
  • “How to Remain Civil with would-be Dictators”

The list could go on and on.

Why are the incessantly, personally abusive Trump — to cite a single example, remember his mocking of a disabled reporter? — and his minions now prattling on about “civility”? The answer seems obvious: they want to normalize all of the extraordinarily odious things that Trump and his cronies are doing to damage America, to damage the environment, to damage and sometimes kill the rest of us.

These things are not normal. And to treat those responsible for them with “civility” rather than anger and outrage is in some measure to acquiesce to them.

So fuck Donald Trump. Fuck Sarah Sanders. And fuck Fox “News” and all the others who repeat their bullshit talking points about “civility.” If you agree, please let these assholes know how you feel.

  1. realthog says:

    Can’t say fairer than that.

    Meanwhile, no one’s been able to persuade Trump to produce, even for the sake of “civility,” any proper expression of regret (besides the usual “hopes and prayers” vomit) for the five journalists murdered yesterday — they were The Enemy, after all.


  2. RonB says:

    For the most, you are correct in that ‘Civility’ is often simply ‘Crap’. The word itself relates to society, or a person’s interactions with society, and directly relates to the beliefs of the society which is in control or has indoctrinated you. In the natural order of the world ‘civility’ is nonsensical. A Lion does not ask politely if he can eat you, cave man competing for food killed each other rather than being ‘kind’, and even today mankind kills in wars continually without compassion.
    Perhaps far worse are those that fight nature with misguided ideologies and unreasoned emotions. The millions who died at the hands of socialism in Russia and China, and the massive overpopulation in Africa caused by food donation which was unsustainable. Yes, society can be really ‘crap’.
    The beliefs each person or society has defines its morality, and morality takes many forms. The perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks were extremely moral with respect to the beliefs of their religion. The holocaust was based upon a firm belief that Jews were vermin, from at least as far back as Luther, which introduces religion into morality. No doubt the believers in ‘purgatory’ genuinely believed in the indulgences sold by the Roman Catholic church!
    We can all be outraged at the beliefs of others are loathsome because they are not similar to our own or compliant with our society or mob. The fundamental difference between man and other forms of life is our ability to make reasoned choices, although the vast majority choose not to do so. They simply listen, memorise and repeat. The first step in finding true self is to challenge everything that has been indoctrinated to you from birth, otherwise we stay the puppets of our society, our schools with their socialist mentors teach memorisation rather than thinking, it is a Leninist concept which each individual must fight. For we are individuals and not part of a collective, leave that to worker bees. We are born alone and die alone, following the mob is not a reasonable purpose for the bit in between. Terrorist, Martyr, Trump hater. Are they the choice of morality that defines you as an individual? Who is it that causes the hatred and divisiveness in America? The people trying to stop freedom of speech, the violent protesters, those that want to be part of the herd, never considering ‘truth’.
    Donald Trump is no politician, he has his faults, but he is fixing up a nation hugely in debt. In a democratic society we use the ballot box to remove those that society believes can be improved upon. Those suggesting violence, emotional abuse, support of dishonesty, support of the elitist media and the establishment are anarchists. They need to find love in themselves, not hatred. They are akin to the Russians who killed every member of a monarchy, won their revolution, then died by the millions in poverty, disease and war.


  3. Civility is for the servile.


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