Another Goodbye to Another Very Good Friend — Michael Zubay

Posted: September 24, 2018 in Atheism, Music
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Pinche Blues Band and Michael Zubay

Pinche Blues Band at Boondocks Lounge a few years ago. Michael Zubay is at left playing bass guitar.

My good friend and on-again-off-again bass player for the last eight or ten years, Michael Zubay, died last night from cancer. I loved him. We clicked both musically and personally. If I wanted someone to talk to who I’d trust, Michael was the guy. He was honest, helpful, tremendous fun to be around, and tremendous fun to play with. He also was funnier than hell and had a good, dark sense of humor. He was a very good friend and a very good musician.

Michael was an atheist, and in place of a religious service there will be a day-long jam session and party for all of the musicians he played with over the years. No date yet, but I’ll post video if and when it’s available. (Update: The jam happened yesterday on November 11; Jay Werth videoed it, and I’ll post links to some of the videos once Jay has them up on Youtube.)

Here’s probably the best recording I have of Michael from back in 2014 when we had the Pinche Blues Band together. His bass lines are absolutely wonderful (check out the syncopation and how much the bass line drives).

Michael wrote a number of songs, and we’ll record his best one, “No Job Blues,” on our next CD (probably as Stone Dead). I’ll post it once it’s available.

More later.


  1. Condolences for your loss of a good friend.Truly they are fewer as we age.I am still shaken from losing a very close friend 2 yrs. Ago. Like a bassline. I’m sure Michael will be reverbarating in your life.Have a great jam session! Love to see a vid. Be good to yourself.


    • Thanks for the kind comments. Losing friends hurts. Over the last four years roughly 20 people I knew died, including three close friends, a relatively recent ex-GF, and two of my closest friends from my teenage years. What I’ve found is that the pain of their loss has lessened over time, but you never completely get over it.


      • True true!I never cottoned to that closure thing. And does seem that the deaths come in clumps.I had similar time frame a few yrs. ago. Like the old folk/blues song DEATH DON’T HAVE NO MERCY.


  2. Thanks for the Life is good track.Your man Michael lays down a cool funky thump!


  3. Lisa Skiff says:

    This was a great and truthful tribute. Loved my friend❤️


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