Quote of the Day 10-3-18 (Steven Salzberg)

Posted: October 3, 2018 in Quotations, Science, Skepticism
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Steven Salzberg

“There’s no legitimate reason to use terms such as ‘Chinese’ medicine, or American, Italian, Spanish, Indian, or [insert your favorite nationality] medicine. There’s just medicine – if a treatment works, then it’s medicine. If something doesn’t work, then it’s not medicine and we shouldn’t sell it to people with false claims. The same is true for alternative, holistic, integrative, and functional medicine: these are all just marketing terms, with no scientific meaning. They merely serve to disguise sloppy, unscientific thinking at best, and in a less charitable interpretation, outright fraud.”

–Steven Salzberg in his well worth reading piece on the Forbes web site, “WHO Endorses Traditional Chinese Medicine, Expect Deaths To Rise

  1. Read article.What like there are no deadly effects from big pharma “western medicine”? Salzberg is Whore for big pharma.Exactly what I would expect from capitalist tool like Forbes.


    • The “no deadly effects from big pharma ‘western medicine?'” argument is a straw-man argument. The author didn’t say or even imply that. The issues the author address are the near-total lack of evidence for the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine (except for some of the herbs) and the devastating effects it’s had on endangered animal species (rhinos, tigers, pangolins) whose part are used in it. Also, where’s the evidence the Salzberg is “a whore for big pharma”? If there is any, I’d be most interested in seeing it.


      • Salzberg DID say that”Chinese regulator gets more than 230,000 reports of adverse effects from TCM each year” He neglected to mention the numerous adverse effects including death from western medicine.The evidence for the efficacy of TCM is that China has been using TCM for thousands of years and is a thriving nation of millions and millions! When he writes, “figure out what the active ingredient is, develop a controlled process for delivering effective doses and use it.”, he is describing big pharma without mentioning the patent game and the high prices charged. Western medicine uses “guinea pigs”.At one time they were black prisoners injected with syphilis!He is another example of western arrogance hiding behind p.c. regarding animal rights.


      • (First off, thanks for being polite about all this — I’m very used to being personally abused in place of argument.) But again, I think you’re wrong. You could just as well say “the evidence for western medicine is that it’s been used for hundreds of years in a thousands-year-old society and has drastically reduced the mortality rate and increased average life span by decades over the last century or two.” But wait, the claim for TCM isn’t that it has done that, just that it hasn’t increased the mortality rate. The claim is essentially that it hasn’t made things worse. No one is claiming that medicine (not “Western medicine” — just medicine) is perfect. Please just show me some evidence of efficacy for TCM (preferably a double-blind clinical trial with thousands of patients over a period of years) and then let’s talk. Until then, Salzberg’s points about the ineffectiveness of TCM remain valid.


      • I have always thought that people can agree to disagree.And that going ad hominem indicates one has no argument.Re:life expectancy-? see the May 30th Reuters Health News.China’s is increasing while America and U.K. is decreasing.


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