The wonders of religious belief

Posted: September 15, 2019 in Cults, Humor, Religion
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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has a report that shows yet again that some people will buy anything. The ABC reports that the College of Universal Medicine (COUM) was forced by an Australian court, which termed the group an “exploitative cult,” to return $600,000 to donors.

The ABC notes: “The COUM promotes the teachings of Universal Medicine’s (UM) multi-millionaire founder Serge Benhayon — a former bankrupt tennis coach who claims to be Leonardo Da Vinci reincarnated.”

With qualifications like that, how could anyone not donate?

This all brings to mind a remark Fred Woodworth made ages ago about religious believers (slightly paraphrased here): “If someone founded a religion that required believers to crawl across broken glass on their stomachs with their flies open, and consume dog shit as sacrament, people would rush to join up.”

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