I might have already had Covid-19

Posted: March 26, 2020 in Livin' in the USA
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At the tail end of January and beginning of February, I was sick as hell and somewhat out of it for a full week: sore throat, fatigue, pressure on inner ears, dry cough, and after a few days in hacking up phlegm. But no sniffling, no sneezing. And it took two or three weeks before I began to feel okay. At the time I thought it was just some weird, run-of-the-mill cold virus. Now I’m not so sure. (I stayed away from my friends during this time, but unfortunately I was still going out to buy food.)

A few days ago the GF told me that I told her six or seven weeks ago, when I was sickest, that I had a fever. I don’t remember saying that at all, but she assures me that’s what I told her.

What difference will this make in how I feel? Considerable. I’d previously considered that I might have had the virus, bur rejected the idea because I believed I didn’t have a fever. Now, going down the check list, it’s all “Xs.” Still, there’s no test for antibodies to show who’s been previously infected, so I suspect, but I don’t know.

How does this affect my behavior? Not at all. Because I don’t know. I’m still self-distancing on the rare occasions I go out, (Damn but I miss human touch) I’m washing and disinfecting compulsively, ordering food on line, and spending a couple of hours a day on the phone talking with friends. I urge you to do the same. And this is with the phone and Internet — think about the routine psychological torture inflicted on inmates in solitary in America’s gulags.

At best, the pandemic will subside by late May or early June. Until then, hang on, be responsible, and don’t risk infecting others — if you’re infected, you could, and probably would, kill someone.

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  2. Ty. says:

    It may be possible to tell if you’ve already been infected but have since recovered via an antibody test. However, as of April 18th in the US the tests appear very hard to come by and are according to the CDC at this time only being used for “broad-based surveillance” and research and are not yet available to individuals who want to know if they have already been infected with the virus.

    I’ve also read that antibody tests of dubious reliability have been offered for sale on the internet, so it may be a good idea to beware of any antibody tests being offered by private individuals or otherwise unknown and unverified providers.

    The World Heath Organization has reportedly also questioned whether it’s even possible to know if one cannot become reinfected by COVID-19 through an antibody test. Still too early to say for sure, I guess.


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