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by Earl Lee (author of Libraries in the Age of Mediocrity and Raptured; Earl also wrote the scholarly foreword to The Jungle: The Uncensored Original Edition; See Sharp Press will publish Earl’s final book, the time travel novel The Unkindness of Raves, in April 2016) Some people are no doubt puzzled by the fact that I […]

We put up our 1,000th post a week ago. We’re now looking through everything we’ve posted, and are putting up “best of” lists in our most popular categories. This is the fifth of our first-1,000 “best of” lists. We’ve already posted the Science Fiction, Music, Interviews, and Addictions lists, and will shortly be putting up other “best ofs” in […]

We started this blog in July 2013. Since then, we’ve been posting almost daily. When considering the popularity of the posts, one thing stands out:  in all but a few cases, popularity declines over time. As well, the readership of this blog has expanded gradually over time, so most readers have never seen what we consider […]