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“Friends, let me pause here to bask in the moment. The last time Brandon Belt hit a grand slam, I was driving. I pulled my car over at the beginning of his at-bat to send a tweet that said ‘Give me a Brandon Belt grand slam or give me death.’ After which Belt, of course, hit a grand slam. As Belt came up to the plate tonight, I found that tweet and sent it out again. Not two seconds later, he hit his second career grand slam. I’m not saying I caused it, but I’m also not NOT saying that.”

–Sami Higgins, McCovey Chronicles

(writing about the G-men’s throttling of the Phoenix — not Arizona — Venomous Reptiles tonight)

“Whenever I get mad at the pool [behind the right center field fence in the D’back’s ballpark], I think, ‘I’ll bet that would have really pissed Ty Cobb off.’ And then I’m totally okay with it.”

–Grant Brisbee, “Giants Win Fourth Straight, Down Diamondbacks in Ninth Inning” on the most insightful, funniest baseball blog going, McCovey Chronicles

* * *

(For you all you furriners and other unfortunate non-baseball fans, Brisbee is referring to the hall-of-fame, vicious, racist monster who was a disgrace to the human race, Ty Cobb. If you ever get a chance, check out the movie “Cobb,” with Tommy Lee Jones starring as Ty Cobb. It’s one of the best baseball movies ever made.)