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Alt-country player Al Perry’s song and video, “Jukebox Jihad,” has evidently fallen victim to the PC police — outraged by, what else?, “islamophobia” — and has been taken down by Youtube. (We put “censored” in quotes in the headline, because it’s within Youtube’s rights to only host what they want; but the political intent, the desire to restrict political speech, is obvious.)

Here’s the takedown notice:

If you haven’t heard the song, “Jukebox Jihad” is a rockabilly tune, light, funny mockery (admittedly in questionable taste) of the murderous religious fanatics who have slaughtered and enslaved tens, probably hundreds, of thousands of people, most of whom were/are their fellow Muslims.

We loathe attacks on free speech. We loathe anything smacking of censorship. And we loathe those who think they know what others should be allowed to see and hear.

So, we’ve just put up the “Jukebox Jihad” video on the See Sharp Press web site. I spoke with Al earlier this evening, and he encourages others to download “Jukebox Jihad” and put it up on their own sites.

Without further ado, here’s the link to “Jukebox Jihad.”

confed flag

“That flag is a message of hatred, bigotry, negativity, white supremacy, shackles, whips, segregation, church bombings, beatings, lynchings, and assassinations.”

–Alabama state senator Vivian Figures

* * *

Earlier today, I was disgusted to read of the pro-Confederate flag rally at the Alabama state capitol, and more especially of one jerk holding up a “White Lives Matter” sign. Yeah, right. As if there’s a decades-long history of racist black cops gunning down unarmed white folks, prosecutors letting them get away with it scot free, and the jackals at Fox “News” cheering on┬áthe killer cops.

Other demonstrators recited the standard bullshit line about that flag being part of their “cultural heritage” (just like lynchings, though they didn’t mention that), another compared Southern whites to Jews in Germany, and the National Review‘s website whines about “censorship”–and if not displaying that symbol of hate is censorship, one could just as well argue that the government is censoring the Nazi flag by not displaying it. (Censorship consists of preventing others from expressing themselves; those who want to display their racist symbol are still perfectly free to do so.)

Jesus F. Christ, what in hell is wrong with these people?