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Graphic from Tony Honnicutt’s greatly missed ‘zine, Show Me the Money

Graphic from Show Me the Money

Graphic from Tony Honnicutt’s greatly missed ‘zine, Show Me the Money

One of the recurring right-wing laments is that the entertainment industry is biased against right-wing comics. Maybe so, but who are they, and why haven’t Fox “News,” Breitbart, Infowars, et al. catapulted them to stardom? They have all the money in the world plus a mass audience, so where are they? Where are the right-wing, hilarious, world-beater comics? Why can’t anybody find them?

Short answer, there ain’t none. The only one on that side of the aisle who’s a great comic is Dennis Miller, who learned his chops as a left winger.

Again, why? Some have blamed demographics — the comedy audience is primarily young and progressive — but this is not an explanation. That comedy audience is merely a majority: there are a lot of tiki-torch-bearers who would love to laugh at women, jewish folks, gay people, black people, hispanics, the poor, and politically correct whites. The conservative comics have the platform and multiple targets. Where’s the audience?

Of the potential target groups, PC identity-politics whites are the only rich targets, and left-wing comics, such as George Carlin, often savage them. That leaves slim pickings: poor people, women, and minorities (soon to be a majority, thank god).

Comedy is a means of striking back at those in power, exposing their clothing-deficient status. Right-wing comics cannot do this. They ignore beam-in-the-eye obvious injustices and inequities, and instead suck up to the rich and powerful while attacking the poor and powerless.

And that  just ain’t funny.


It’s not quite time for a good old-fashioned satanic dogfood revival, but it is time for more Internet crap. Here goes.

Every now and then something good happens. This week’s example: Bloom County, the best comic strip of the 1980s, is back (as of July 19)–and with a dig at one of the comics I despise the most (for the very poor quality of its artwork and its relentless triviality).

For some unfathomable reason, almost all ISPs limit attachment size to 25 Mb or less. This is often more than a bit irritating, but there are ways around it. Tyler the Tech Guy has a nice short article on how to do it.

Fifteen years ago I learned html,  wrote my business site,, and haven’t updated my skills since. As a result, my site is now in Save Walter White territory. I finally have the time, so I’ve investigated free online coding sites, and found two that I’d recommend:  Dash and Codecademy. I’m currently working my way through Codecademy’s html5, css3, and javascript courses, and am impressed. The lessons are broken down into modules, flow in in a logical manner, and are interactive, providing real-time feedback. Highly recommended.

Open with Photoshop is an extremely useful Firefox add-on for bloggers and web developers. If you see a graphic you want to use, all you need to do is right click on it, and it’ll automatically open it in Photoshop if Photoshop is open. If it’s not, Open with Photoshop will open Photoshop for you and open the file in it.

You probably missed it, perhaps skipped it deliberately because of it’s unfortunate title (what were they thinking!?), but The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology is available on Netflix (still the best entertainment value on the market). Contrary to what you’d expect from the title, it’s an often amusing, highly cerebral examination of the pervasive ideologies (capitalist, communist, consumerist, religious, etc.) that dominate our lives, seen through the lens of movies (Jaws, Full Metal Jacket, Taxi Driver, Titanic, The Sound of Music, and They Live, among others). There are so many stimulating ideas coming at you so fast that this flick bears repeated watching.

Finally, for perverse, sick laughs, you can’t go wrong with the Biblical Gender Roles site, especially the jaw-dropping post “Christian Husbands — you don’t pay for the milk when you own the cow!“, which provides helpful hints on keeping the little woman in line–and in the sack when you want her. The piece barely stops short of recommending marital rape. It’s yet another fine example of the respect for women inculcated by reading and obeying the Bible.