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(I’ve been spending way too much time on work the last couple of weeks — I work, therefore I am — and so haven’t had time to write for the blog. I’ll be out from under the worst of it in a few days, but in the meantime I’m posting a few short things I think subscribers will enjoy, including this, part of which I posted a few months ago.)Willie Edwards Working Man CDThis new one is from one of Willie Edwards’ self-produced CDs. Willie got thoroughly screwed after signing one of the worst recording contracts ever written — the CD, Everlastin’ Tears, only sold about a thousand copies and Willie surrendered the rights to a dozen mostly great songs — so he’s turned to self-production. The lyrics below are from “Police State on the Rise” on his self-produced Working Man CD. (Sorry, but the song isn’t available online; the closest and only thing available is his “Helpless, Hopeless Feeling” from the Everlastin’ Tears CD, which certainly isn’t the one I’d pick as a sample of his work.) Anyway, here’s the first stanza from the all-too-pertinent “Police state on the rise”:

Police state on the rise
By the same old guys
With the same old lies
Comes as now surprise
Well it’s very plain to see
It’s about your liberty
Police state . . . police state . . .

If you live in Vermont (yes, Vermont), check the local music listings. I believe that Willie still performs occasionally, and I’d highly recommend catching him and his band.

Willie Edwards, "Everlastin' Tears"


To the global plantation

Bring it up


On the road

To the company store

Won’t somebody tell me

Where I’m headin’ for

–Willie Edwards, “Company Store,” on the horrors of being enmeshed by the global corporate octopus, from the CD “Everlastin’ Tears” — a CD so rare that none of its cuts are up on youtube

You say reality

Is what you believe

I gotta ask you

Does water freeze at 32 degrees?

–Willie Edwards, “Dollar In,” on the CD “Everlastin’ Tears.”  (This is probably the only blues rock song ever written on the weirdness of interest on loans–“A dollar in, a dollar out, how does interest come about?”)

Willie Edwards, "Everlastin' Tears"

I talked with Willie a couple of years ago, and he told me that “trustafarians” had ruined the scene in Vermont for working blues musicians.  They don’t care about getting paid, so they work for nothing, driving down the wages of actual musicians to near nothing. Willie–one of the best blues guitarists/vocalists and songwriters of our times–hadn’t even made enough in the previous year to pay for an expensive Gibson guitar he’d bought. When I spoke with him, Willie was driving a van for handicapped people to make ends meet. The scene is similar, though not quite as bad, in Tucson. I’ll have an update shortly.

BTW, if you ever get the chance, pick up a copy of “Everlastin’ Tears.” It’s one of the two best blues albums from the 1990s, the other being “The Last Real Texas Blues Band,” by Doug Sahm. (Of course, Willie got screwed on the recording contract–he gave up the rights to all of the [great] songs.) Since he recorded it (and got screwed) in the 1990s, willie has recorded a number of less polished sounding but still great CDs, with such standout cuts as  “Police State on the Rise.” and “Somebody’s Watching You.” If you’re in Vermont, go see Willie–it’ll be money well spent. And if you’re outside of Vermont, please order his CDs directly from him (not available on Amazon).