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Chris Hedges just put up a fantastic, fearless post on Truthout about the libeling of those of us who oppose Israeli brutalization and murder of Palestinians as “anti-semitic” (e.g., 200+ murders and thousands of deliberate maimings by Israeli snipers of protesters on the other side of the fence in Gaza during the ongoing “right of return” protests — and just ask yourself, how desperate must people be to deliberately expose themselves to murder and maiming, while the corporate press dishonestly excuses that slaughter — sniper shootings at hundreds of yards — as “clashes”? ). I just wish I could repost Chris’s piece here.

Hence an inadequate but claratory definition from The American Heretic’s Dictionary about what “anti-semitism” means currently in the U.S.:

Anti-Semitism, n. 1) A blind, unreasoning hatred of Jewish people by those who fear, with good reason, that they are inferior to Jews. (This is not to say that Jews are inherently superior to anyone else, even anti-Semites; rather, that Jewish culture encourages self-responsibility, social responsibility, learning, dedication to goals, and individual achievement—things sorely lacking in the mainstream of American culture. Hence Jews tend to be perceived as threatening “overachievers” in comparison with average, “fetch me another beer, Bubba” Americans.); 2) As defined in the United States for well over half a century, the unspeakable act of criticizing the oppression and murder of one Semitic people by another (Palestinians by Israelis). Needless to say, this leads to gross confusion of those who seek social justice with actual anti-Semites—which is precisely the intention of those who use the term in this manner. (Curiously, the ethnicity of all of these individuals is apparently Irish, as they invariably respond to the name “McCarthy.”)

* * *

—from The American Heretic’s Dictionary (revised & expanded)







The Joy of Religion

Posted: January 1, 2016 in Christianity, Evangelicals, Islam, Religion

It’s the beginning of the new year, and what better time to recount the multifold blessings of religious belief? In coming years, we’ll do an annual religion-in-review post, but for now (since we only thought of this in November) we’ll focus on stories that have appeared over the last two months.

Here at Sharp and Pointed, we take an ecumenical view, so rather than focus on Christianity, the predominant religion in the land of the free, we’re also listing stories about the beneficent effects of the other two primary Abrahamic religions, Judaism and Islam.

Here are the most outstanding stories about religion that we’ve seen over the last two months. We’ll start with one from Christmas eve.

  • A video taken at a wedding shows right-wing Jewish teenagers cheering the death of a Palestinian child who was horribly burned in a terrorist arson attack by Jewish extremists on his family’s home in July. One trusts that the children of the newly wed pair will exhibit the same admirable morals as their parents.
  • The Islamic fundamentalists ruling Saudi Arabia have made that religion-soaked country one of the “leaders” in executions–in both relative-to-population and simple numeric terms. (Iran has them beat, having executed nearly 700 people last year.)  Last year Saudi Arabia judicially murdered over 150 people. They also have bands of religious police roving the country beating and whipping those who the police think are violating their perverted morals, and routinely employ barbaric penalties such as the cutting off of hands for theft.
  • Here in the U.S., on November 27, anti-choice terrorist Robert L. Dear murdered three people in a rampage at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. In an all-too-predictable display of blatant hypocrisy, at his preliminary hearing Dear tried to justify murdering unarmed people by saying that Planned Parenthood was killing “babies,” and saying that he was “warrior” for those “babies.”
  • Also in November, seven members of The Word of Life church, including the church’s minister and the victim’s parents, were indicted for second degree murder for beating a teenager to death during a 10-hour church “counseling” session.
  • In more U.S. religious news, Christian radio host John Baylo was sentenced to 40 years in prison for producing child pornography after being ratted out by a fellow sicko.
  • In the UK, members of the  Apostolistic Church of God, Brian and Precious Kandare, were sentenced to nearly a decade in prison for starving their baby daughter to death.
  • Also in the UK, after a skin-crawling series of incidents, Christian cult leader Vanessa Clark was arrested for sexually molesting women.
  • Back in the U.S., Christian fundamentalist site Biblical Gender Roles has for all intents and purposes come out in favor of marital rape in a piece titled, “How a husband can enjoy sex that is grudgingly given by his wife.” Check out the photos at the top of their site– they’re priceless, in a Stepford-wives way.
  • Also in the U.S., Christian fundamentalist child-rearing “experts,” Michael and Debi Pearl, whose best-selling book “To Train Up a Child” advocates corporal punishment and has been linked to at least three children beaten to death by their parents, have asked God to strike their critics dead.
  • Finally, if you missed it, a new study in Current Biology of Christian, Islamic, Judaic, and secular children, “The Negative Association of Religiousness and Children’s Altruism Across the World,”  indicates that “Religious children are meaner than their secular counterparts,” and that “Children from religious families are less kind and more punitive than their secular counterparts.” How this could possibly be–given that religious children are indoctrinated day in day out to believe that they’re “the chosen,” “the elect,” “the saved,” “the redeemed”–remains a mystery.

Next year we promise a much fuller report. In the meantime, please enjoy the ongoing religious circus.